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Edward G. Kardos "Elias and the Legend of Sirok"

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About The Book:

Into the world of dreams and fears . . . Elias and the Legend of Sirok takes you on a hero's journey. Elias, an artist, is at odds with his life on his father's farm, and is forced to make a decision about his future. His grandmother, Nagymama prepares him for a journey of discovery that takes him from his Hungarian village into a supernatural world. Here he faces powers and mystical beings - some that he strives to understand, while others he is forced to battle. With help from Zoltan, a wise man, he finally confronts the Sarkany, a dragon that changes shape at whim and will.

Will Elias triumph over the dark powers around him? If he survives, what will he learn about life and himself?

About The Author:

Edward Kardos
"Inspiration for my writing comes from the beauty that surrounds me both in people and the places I visit. My wife and I have four great children and we live in Richmond, Virginia." Edward Kardos
From an Author Interview:
Who did you write the book for?

"As always, I write first for myself. I write what’s meaningful to me, but the story of Elias will appeal to young readers and young at heart readers too. If you have ever been in a position that you were afraid to take that next step, you will enjoy taking this journey with Elias."

Is there a central message in the book?

"To be true to oneself would be the central theme. I believe that it is only when we follow our heart that we realize our dreams."

What inspired you to write this book?

"People. Courageous people who know what’s most important to them and live their life to the fullest. So many of us do not follow our hearts for reasons of conditioning, of guilt or fear.  We can fear both our failures as well as our successes and it takes courage to step out of our comfort zone and make a difference in not only our own lives but a difference in the lives of others."

Who should buy this book?

"Young people who enjoy action and adventure. I can see Baby Boomers or even the parents of Boomers buying it for young readers but wanting a copy of their own—I think the story reminds us that in our busy day we eventually come home and when we do, we come home to ourselves. We’ve got to be happy with who we are well before we can be happy with others."

Read the full interview on the author's website.

Edward Kardos is also the author of Zen Master Next Door, Parables for Enlightened Everyday Living and Yours, Aiden. All are available on Amazon.


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“Ed Kardos is a soul searcher. He writes from the head and heart, finding true meaning in the vagaries of life." —Dean King, bestselling author of Skeletons on the Zahara


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Roy Dimond "The Singing Bowl"

Available on Amazon and Kindle. Other sales sites listed below.

Publisher: Green Dragon Publishing Group; 2 edition (March 13, 2013)

About The Book:

A Tibetan monk embarks on a journey filled with harrowing dangers and strange mysteries. His quest is to find a lost book and save an ancient way of life. Under attack from Chinese Communists, a monk travelling the wilds of Tibet is given a daunting task--to bring a way of life back from the brink. That's the spellbinding journey revealed in Roy Dimond's new, action-packed adventure tale. Given an ancient artifact from his monastery, the sacred "Singing Bowl," the young monk beads out on a trek to find a lost book and reunite a broken circle to keep his centuries-old civilization alive.

Amazon Reader Reviews:

"The Singing Bowl is a novel of amazing scope. It's a story of political intrigue, a mystery, a travelogue, a romance, but most of all, a powerful tale of an inner spiritual journey."

"Mr. Dimond had me from the first line, 'Today my heart broke and a world shattered.' "

"This epic story is an ultimate must-read in your life backpack!"

About The Author:

Roy Dimond at Machu Piccu

"I was not always a writer.  For most of my adult life I was a Youth Worker meaning that I worked with families that were struggling, or children who were having a hard time.  It was a profession that was both rewarding and heart breaking.  In the thirty years that I was a Youth Worker, I learned two things that led me on a journey half way around the world and back.  When I returned — I began writing." 
For thirty years, Roy Dimond worked with at risk families and presented workshops at universities and colleges. Roy draws inspiration for his novels from a combination of this experience and his varied explorations of such locales as Cuzco, Kyoto, Santorini and Tsumago. Five years of research and travel reinforced with fifty years of meditation culminated in The Singing Bowl and it's powerful message.

Dimond lives with his wife in Garden Bay, a small fishing village on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. When not traveling, Roy can be found in his log home overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean writing his next novel.

Upcoming Releases: The Rubicon Effect, published by Grey Gate Media and Saving Our Pennys.


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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tudor Rubato won Best Contemporary Cover at the RONE awards

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As a follow-up to our post on author Jamie Salisbury on August 6, 2013 (link to post) we are pleased to announce her cover for Tudor Rubato won  Best Contemporary Cover at the RONE awards Friday night in Las Vegas!!

From Jamie:

 I certainly cannot take credit because fantastic cover artists like Fiona Jayde is the person responsible for taking my ideas and making them come to life!! Thanks Fiona!! You rock girl!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jamie Salisbury "Life and Lies"

Life and Lies, the conclusion/sequel to Rockin' the Boss now available!
About the Book:
Heat Index: Sizzling   
The world is his oyster and Max Frazier knows that each and every pearl is his for the taking.  At the top, a theater bearing his name in Las Vegas, performances sold out months in advance and record sales through the roof. Things couldn't get any better, could they?
Ashleigh Thomas, the fiery, no nonsense businesswoman who orchestrated this success, the only woman he's truly ever wanted is his bed and life. But first he and Ashleigh have a mission to do, one he never wanted her involved in.
Alive and quite well, Ashleigh's thought to be dead husband Richard lurks in the background, teasing and taunting. He deals in the underbelly of life - the sex trade business. Max and Ashleigh infiltrate his world of sex clubs and more with one objective in mind…to put an end to Richard's evilness and bring him to justice.
In doing so Ashleigh and Max discover a bond which expands and deepens as Max introduces and schools Ashleigh in the BDSM lifestyle. Will she allow him to lead her into temptation, and ultimately submit to Max? Or is her stubbornness and independent nature too much for even Max to contain?
Life has a funny way of dealing the cards. One day you're in bliss with the woman and family you love and longed for, the next it almost disappears. Forever, in the blink of an eye. . .but for the sheer determination of one agent who secretly blames himself for pushing the couple too deep calls in every favor owed him. 

From Jamie:

August is on it's way to being awesome. Not only has Life and Lies released,  Tudor Reunion Tour will be out on August 14th.

Another new feature on the blog: Excerpts! I'll start posting excerpts, perhaps even a chapter there. Check it out!


Awesome August giveaway! I'll be giving you two chances to win copies of one or both Rockin' the Boss and Life and Lies! Now what do I do to enter? Simple! Go to my website (Click here)  Then to the 'contact' tab, fill out the form and voila! You're entered! Drawings will be August 15th and August 31st!

About the author:
In the two short years since Jamie Salisbury began publishing her Romance stories, she has seen her historical-romance westerns soar to #1 on Amazon, has been nominated for a 2012 RONE award for her novella Tudor Rubato making the finals, and has expanded her audience to include several now published by Secret Cravings Publishing. 
Currently Jamie lives in the American south. When she's not writing or plotting out her next story, she can be found with her camera, traveling or just chillin' reading a good book. 
This is Jamie's second visit to Book Talk. Read an earlier post on Jamie Salisbury from April 2, 2013 on Book Talk by clicking here.
Remember Contest Drawings August 15th  and August 31st. Check out the author's website! Details above.

                                                                 Jamie Salisbury
                                                                         Women's Fiction Author
                                                                         Contemporary and Historical Romance