Friday, March 21, 2014

The Bridge Over Cedar Creek by Michael W. Paul

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About the book:
The Bridge (Over Cedar Creek), constructed during a distant summer over a small Colorado stream by a boy and two curmudgeonly old men, serves as a metaphor for timeless life lessons learned and the beginning of the boys coming of age. Although fiction, the book is taken from real events and some real people. Others are composites taken solely from the imagination of the writer and distant memories. Written in the vernacular of the time, the characters come to life with the help of the authors vivid description. The reader can feel the cool breeze off the river, smell the scent of pine and see the brilliance of the sequined mountain night sky. The Bridge Over Cedar Creek will appeal to all readers except the most cynical.
The story of a youngster coming of age in the late “fifties”, a worn out three wheel Cushman baggage scooter that had long since been used up by Eastern Airlines, and a kind wise old man who reached out and changed the direction of the boy’s life. 

It opens after midnight in early June 1958 on a desolate Louisiana state highway, with a young passenger riding on a decrepit old Greyhound bus travelling alone to Colorado to spend the summer working on a cattle ranch.  

That seminal summer taught the boy that life is all about choice. It is not the people or events that make the difference, but how one thinks about them. 
About the author:

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Michael Paul is a lifelong dreamer, a lover of learning and new experiences. In this, his first book, he tells of a boy awakening and beginning his ascent into manhood with the guidance of a wise and thoughtful adult. He lives in Buford, Georgia with his wife of forty seven years, his faithful rescue dog Katie and a Cat.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Saving Our Pennys" by Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch

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Saving Our Pennys, was released  February 17, 2014.  One of the main characters in this book is a dog named Lab, based on the author's own dear companion named Mickey who is now running with his friends somewhere in doggy heaven. I am all about the dogs and have just purchased my copy on Kindle.

This is Roy Dimond's third book. Roy was featured on this blog  September 13, 2013, with the release of "The Rubicon Effect".  Want to read that post? Click here .

About The Book:

Ever been overwhelmed by the everyday burdens of life? And yet, everyone else turns to you for support and guidance.

You see a person sitting next to you laughing, enjoying life. How did they get there? The universe seldom takes the straight path. Seeing someone filled with simple joy can often provide the opportunity for a profound experience. Our long journey is often twisted with depression, angst, dread... But IF we have the energy to keep our eyes open, then solutions may appear in the strangest of places.

Mentors are everywhere, waiting patiently... IF we look for them. Heroes take many forms, one may be the small child laughing on a swing and another may be the old man smiling contentedly beside you on a bus, or perhaps even in the people who look to you for help and guidance. Is it possible to help someone else while helping yourself?

Set in the fast paced, ultra busy world of multitasking, schools are an eruption of both heroes and victims. One teacher, feeling overwhelmed, chooses to look beyond himself and seek a mentor, someone to show him another way. But as is the nature of all redemption stories, he must earn his enlightenment and that always leads to the unexpected.

The quest from Shadow to Substance to Spirit is long, difficult and enriching...

Are you brave enough to take your journey?

About The Authors:

Roy Dimond
Roy Dimond lives with his wife in Pender Harbour, a small fishing village on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Locals call it "Penderdise." In his first life, Roy had the honor of helping at risk children and their families. In his second life, he pursues his love of travel and writing. Having explored four continents from Cuzco to Kyoto, Santorini to Tsumago, his wanderings have all found a way into his stories. Roy's first book The Singing Bowl and is now in a Second Edition. His second novel is called, The Rubicon Effect.  Saving Our Pennys is his third book, and first work of non-fiction.

Jeff Leitch
Jeff Leitch lives with his family in Maple Ridge, a proud community at the base of the majestic GoldenEarsMountain in British Columbia, Canada. Honoured to be a teacher in his native Coquitlam, British Columbia, Jeff’s passions include his wife Linda, and their three kids, Amanda, Matthew and Adam, “all his families” and friends, and the great stories they share. You can find him at any sporting venue, or live theatre, with coffee in hand, cheering and coaching those who display courage and dare to chase greatness. Along with writing occasional articles for local papers, Jeff’s current restlessness has him dreaming of many more novels, while writing at least one musical hit as he goes beyond the three chords he knows on his acoustic guitar.

What People Are Saying About Saving Your Pennys:

A tale of redemption in finding life guides and mentors in the least expected places, while we learn the power of acceptance and the life’s daily message.
“Unlock the doors of a heart and let that heart begin to feel again.”


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