Friday, February 15, 2013

"BlackSnow Zero" A New Release by Lee Gimenez

Available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes&Noble (PaperBack and Nook)

Blacksnow Zero is Lee Gimenez's 7th Novel, published January 2013, a riveting, can't put down,  mystery thriller

Meet author Lee Gimenez Saturday February 16 (tomorrow)
 The event is being held at the Georgia Perimeter College in Dunwoody, Georgia (10:30 am - 12:30 pm).

We are pleased to have Lee Gimenez back for another visit with Book Talk. See his May 2012 post

Book Plot:

While investigating the murder of a prominent Senator, FBI Agent Erica Blake uncovers a drastic, top-secret operation. A group of rogue American generals are planning a ruthless attack on China, as a way to free the U.S. from the crushing debt the country owes the Chinese. Named Operation BlackSnow, the plan will be carried out without the knowledge of Congress or the public. Realizing the attack could plunge the U.S. into a world war, Erica tries to stop it.

Beautiful and smart, Erica is also a maverick, her lone-wolf approach usually putting her at odds with her own agency. Suspecting involvement by the FBI Director in BlackSnow, she enlists the help of her ex-lover, CIA Agent Steve McCord. Not knowing who to trust, Erica and Steve battle deadly black ops assassins, corrupt Senators, and their own complicit agencies in their attempt to stop BlackSnow. Do they succeed, or is the planet plunged into a world war?

What They Are Saying About Blacksnow Zero:

'An action-packed thriller. Plot twists and turns kept me guessing until the very end.'

'I discovered Lee Gimenez's work via his Science Fiction / Space Opera (Death On Zanath), which is what I normally read, but his mainstream Thriller is another fantastic piece of work!'

'This is a zippy political thriller that has it all - violence, sex, intrigue and huge explosions. I couldn't put it down and was sorry when it ended.'

About the author:

Lee Gimenez is the bestselling author of seven books and over fifty short stories. His latest novel, BLACKSNOW ZERO, was published by Double Dragon Press in Jan 2013. Four of his previous novels became ebook bestsellers. They are: THE NANOTECH MURDERS, DEATH ON ZANATH, VIRTUAL THOUGHTSTREAM, and AZUL 7. His novel TERRALUS 4 was produced into an Audiobook. THE TOMORROW SOLUTION is his collection of short stories.
His books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store, Books-A-Million, Books In Motion, Mobipocket, Amazon UK (England), Flipkart (India), Amazon CA (Canada), Booku (Australia), IBS (Italy), Amazon JP (Japan), Peerless, and many other retailers.  Lee lives with his wife in the Atlanta, Georgia area.


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You Are Invited! Atlanta Writers Club Book Fair This Saturday, February 16th

Atlanta Writers Club to host its first Book Fair this Saturday.

The Atlanta Writers Club announces their first-ever Book Fair to be hosted this Saturday, February 16, 2013.

Over 60 authors and members of the Atlanta Writers Club will display and sign their books at Georgia Perimeter College-Dunwoody (2101 Womack Road, Dunwoody GA 30338). Featuring award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-nominated authors, the public event is a way for writers in Georgia to connect with other writers as well as their readers. Young adult, memoir, mystery and literary novels, among other genres, will be available for sale.

The book fair is a free event that begins at 10:30AM on the second floor of Building NB on Georgia Perimeter College-Dunwoody's campus. Sales of books will be provided by Peerless Bookstore in Alpharetta.

Immediately following the book fair is the Atlanta Writers Club's monthly meeting featuring guest speakers thriller-crime writer Amanda Kyle Williams, author of THE STRANGER YOU SEEK and STRANGER IN THE ROOM, and romance and women's fiction writer Anna DeStefano, author of over 16 novels in four genres. AWC members Mary Grace Schaap and Alexandra Hughes will also speak.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

"Paging Dr. Hot" by Sophia Knightly

Just in time for Valentine's Day - A chance to win a free e-book of Paging Dr. Hot.
Romeo is lonely and he's holding a contest for a Valentine's date.
Post your pup's picture on his wall for a chance to win an ebook copy of Paging Dr. Hot.
Check out
Romeo's facebook page for details.

Author Sophia Knightly

From The Author Sophia Knightly:
I wish dogs could live forever. Taffy, our darling Golden Retriever, was the fifth member of our family and a bit of a scamp. She had luxurious auburn fur, a ready smile and dark-rimmed, amber eyes filled with warmth and love. Her happy, wagging tail punctuated all her antics.
Taffy always had an opinion, offered at poignant times, and often in the most surprising ways. She had an uncanny ability to understand our conversations and would respond with comments of her own. At times, she emitted a long-suffering “Are you kidding me?” sigh, an “I want a taste” moan, a weary “We’ve been down this road before” snort, or a happy yelp that said, “Hooray, I’m coming with you!” when she saw me holding my car keys.
During her fifteen years with us, Taffy was also a couch-potato-TV-lover with a passion for westerns, especially John Wayne movies. She was as excited by a horse appearing on screen as she was at the nearby presence of a lingering cat. She’d crack us up when she would run to the TV, bark at the horses and wag her tail wildly as she greeted them.
Taffy was the winning combination of sweet affection and hilarious sassiness. With selective hearing tailored to her tastes, she was not persuaded by the most persistent of hollers to come in from a walk but the click of the cookie jar would send her sprinting across the kitchen floor.
Taffy’s humanity and ability to connect with our family made me want to write a book featuring the inner musings of the heroine’s pet. From that desire, emerged Romeo in Paging Dr. Hot, Francesca’s miniature long-haired dachshund. With Romeo’s blog in each chapter, we get his droll take on his mistress, Francesca’s hypochondriac tendencies and her subsequent quest to marry a doctor. Francesca’s search for her “Dr. Hot” leads her through many romantic misadventures until she finds the right one. Romeo also has a few romance issues of his own…
The lovesick Romeo is currently holding a contest to find a Valentine’s date. One lucky winner will receive an ebook copy of Paging Dr. Hot. To enter the drawing, post a picture of a cute doggy on Romeo’s page.

Book Blurb:
A love prescription so potent only the hottest doctor can fill it.
Miami TV reporter Francesca Lake is on a manhunt…or rather, a doctor hunt. Frankie wasn’t always a hypochondriac. Her motto used to be “Fear is not an option”, but everything changed with her mom’s near-fatal heart attack. Now a day doesn’t go by where she isn’t worried about something.

After a harrowing incident in the hospital ER, she has a life-altering epiphany. She needs to find a marriage-minded doctor ASAP—one who will calm her fears so she can get on with her life.

So begins a series of amorous escapades and startling revelations as she works her way through the list of eligibles: an outrageous Aussie sex therapist, a brilliant neurosurgeon (who’s wired the wrong way), and a handsome Cuban cardiologist.

None of them compares to hunky Dr. Harrison Taylor…but there’s a problem. Much as Harrison’s rugged physique, forest-green eyes and warm smile make her senses wobbly, she needs a people doctor, not the vet for her miniature dachshund Romeo. Besides, Harrison’s propensity for crazy stunts would only make her worry more.

Frankie is trying to be sensible, but her heart and her outspoken dog are conspiring against her…

Warning: Contains juicy secrets and romantic misadventures between a loveable hypochondriac and three hot doctors. Side effects may include intense yearnings for a strong doctor, an adorable miniature dachshund, and an impromptu trip to sultry Miami.


Bestselling author Sophia Knightly loves to cook up hot romance and delicious humor in her feel-good stories. Whether it's romantic suspense or romantic comedy, her books are fun and sexy contemporary romances. Her popular Tropical Heat Series has been on several Amazon bestseller lists.

A two-time Maggie award finalist and a P&E Reader’s Poll finalist, she believes in love-at-first sight and happy endings, and she always enjoys a good laugh. When not writing or reading, she finds pleasure in walking the beach, exploring museums, going to the theatre, enjoying good food, and watching movies. One of her favorite pastimes remains simply watching people, especially those in love!


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