Thursday, July 25, 2013

"On Grace" by Susie Orman Schnall

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About the Book:
Grace May is about to turn 40, and she can’t wait. Now that her boys are both in school and she’s about to start an exciting new writing job, the next chapter in her life is finally about to begin. Aching to use her brain for more than finding innovative ways to sneak leafy greens into her boys’ mini-meatloaves, Grace is eager to rediscover the intelligent and interesting woman deeply buried under the layers of mother and wife. 

But when Grace loses her job and gets unexpected news from her husband and her best friend, life suddenly gets complicated. Grace stands to lose everything: her marriage, her best friend, and her sense of self. By her 40th birthday party, Grace will discover who and what matter most. With laughter. With tears. With grace. 

Readers love On Grace because it's soulful and sweet, sexy and sad, straight up and smart, and, ultimately, quite satisfying. 
June 19, 2013
About the Author:
Susie Orman Schnall

Susie Orman Schnall lives in New York and is the author of the enchanting, thought-provoking novel On Grace. She also writes essays, editorial, and endless to-do lists and has been featured in the New York Times,   Westchester Magazine, and on Huffington Post Live. When she's not at her desk writing, you can find Susie driving her three young boys to and fro, reading just about anything, drinking a kale shake, hanging with her husband of 18 years, or trying to get It All done. And if you can't find her in any of those places, she's probably where her heart sings the loudest: at the top of a mountain.
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A Word From Susie:
I'm so excited about the publication of my debut novel On Grace. And I'm absolutely thrilled with the response I've heard from readers so far. I never would have imagined how much Grace's story has touched so many women. They are responding to the authenticity of the story and how relatable it is to their lives and the lives of their friends. I truly hope you enjoy it!
Twitter: @susieschnall
From Amazon Reader Reviews:
Don't miss out on this great read!!
Realistic and Relatable. I Definitely Recommend!
Couldn't put this book down!


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