Thursday, November 14, 2013

"The Catcher" by Gary Towers and Genevieve Frazier

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About the Book:
     Organized predators snatch children in this boisterous thriller.
     Scarred of body and heavy of heart, legendary private eye Clayton Russell retreated to his woodland compound in Georgia to sharpen his deadly knife-throwing skills and forget the world's cruelty with his brainy Airedale Terrier, Winston. Then Pamela Waters, Clayton's ex-partner and estranged lover, scolds him out of retirement to find a vanished sixth-grader.
     Pam would help, but her hands are full finding holy relics stolen from the Dalai Lama, who graciously offers a cameo, along with his pal Queen Elizabeth. All clues lead to an Amsterdam-based criminal outfit called De Blauwe Organization.
      Clayton mobilizes his vast rolodex of mercenaries and miscellaneous cronies, including a madam with a heart of gold, to take down DBO. But he hasn’t factored in Fionna Marceau, DBO’s top “catcher,” who lures in children by dressing as a policewoman or a nun, and lures in men by parading around topless on yachts. 
     Gorgeous, amoral and wry, she's a stealthy killing machine to rival Clayton himself.
     Towers and Frazier keep their prose brisk, their characters colorful and their action scenes nimble, with plenty of henchmen for Clayton and Winston to maul in creative ways.  -   Kirkus Reviews

"The initial inspiration was a short story I wrote, 'Fast Tracks', which is basically a platform for Clayton Russell, a reclusive detective who is extremely adept at finding things, especially people. The short story won a national award, so 'The Catcher' was created, based on core characters from that story." ... Gary Towers


About the Authors:
Gary Towers, A Man Of Mystery
Gary Towers has two college degrees, despite prior occupations as a carpenter, veneer splicer, subway assembler, bellhop, mortician's assistant, billboard painter, camp counselor and night watchman. His white collar profession was in advertising. Gary lives on a 20-acre estate farm with three horses, two parrots, four cats and two dogs. Author of two non-fiction books, The Catcher is his first novel.

Genevieve Frazier spent her childhood in Dalton, Georgia, where she graduated as Valedictorian of Valley Point High School, Class of 1971. She attended undergraduate school at the University of Georgia with a major in Entomology. She graduated magna cum laude in 1974. Following college, Ms. Frazier received her law degree from Emory School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in ‘wrongful death’ suits.

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Reviews on Amazon  

A Five Star Rating On Amazon! What they are saying about The Catcher:

...The main character, Russell and his dog Winston, proved to be an unusual but loveable team.

... A remarkable and memorable first novel. The authors have clearly done their homework, taking the reader on a journey into the dark recesses of human evil and the trafficking of children. Colorful characters, startling plot twists, with a finish that will have you calling for more.

... You'll make an immediate connection with Clayton Russell-a very Bond like character.

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