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Grateful for Everything by Skip Johnson

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About the book:

We’ve all felt grateful for something in our lives. But what about feeling in some way grateful for everything that happens to us—whether good, bad, tragically unexpected or carefully planned? 

That’s the premise of Skip Johnson’s insightful guide, Grateful for Everything: Learning, Living, and Loving the Great Game of Life. Johnson’s book opens readers’ eyes to the possibility of finding peace, harmony and fulfillment through the simple, yet challenging, task of being thankful for everything in our lives.  

Drawing on his own experiences as a competitive tennis player and Master Pro, coach and business owner, Skip Johnson has mastered the art of “living and loving the great game of life.” He’s faced some tough challenges, but learned to embrace not only the harmonious times in life but also the ones that made him feel disappointed, worried and even grief-stricken. 

“This book is not a way to learn to be ‘happy’ about whatever happens to your life,” Johnson explains. “What we will explore is how to take the hand that we have been dealt, develop steps to become grateful for the lessons to be learned, and then begin to weave it all into a mosaic of life that resembles more of a great game to play, instead of a mire to be trudged through on a daily basis.” 

Johnson does not promise that difficult times will go away or that “hot emotions,” such as anger, frustration and fear, will disappear. What he does propose is that putting Grateful for Everything into action will create empowering tools to help people deal with these emotions.

Seven Lessons to be Learned from Reading
Grateful for Everything:
Learning, Living and Loving the Great Game of Life 

·       How to successfully see the game in life, as opposed to seeing life as a daily battle we must endure.
·     How developing a spirit of gratitude can open doors you never thought possible and allow you to make a difference in your community.
·    Which personality traits are keys to success and which are landmines to avoid in your journey.
·    Which types of words reinforce your optimistic view of the world.
·    Why some people have a powerful and attractive presence—and how you can too.
·    How to feel more fulfilled by using your gifts to help others feel more fulfilled.
·    How to “put it all together” in a way that is easy and effective.
About the author:
Skip Johnson


Skip Johnson is a Master Tennis Professional, a designation which less than 1% of 16,000 USPTA tennis pros in the world have earned. Johnson is also the VP of Operations for Gold’s Gym, a small chain of world championship, award-winning health clubs.

Johnson grew up in Carrollton, Ga., and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of West Georgia, where he received a variety of accolades, including conference tennis champion in singles and doubles.
He is also the founder of Georgia Tennis Workshops, which is the longest-running, independent, annual, high school tennis coaches’ workshop in the United States. Johnson has spoken to audiences throughout the country, from New York to California to Florida. Articles by and about him have also been published in more than 20 magazines focusing on tennis instruction, fitness and motivational topics. 
Johnson is a former Georgia Tennis Professional of the Year, a winner of the Georgia and Southern Tennis Association’s Educational Merit Awards, and one of the few recipients to ever be given the Golden Racquet Awards for tennis excellence and service by the USTA Southern and Georgia Chapters.
He lives in suburban Atlanta with his wife and four daughters. When not writing, speaking or playing "the great game of health club business," Johnson loves to read about and travel to new communities, cities and countries in search of different cultures, great experiences and amazing places to eat!
 What they are saying about the book: 

"This book makes you open your eyes on everything. Skip shares his wisdom and how we should be thankful for even the small things."

"This book can change your life, it's a MUST will help make sense of today's pressure packed world!"

"It's a amazing book about how to play the game of life."


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