Monday, May 19, 2014

The Doug Dahlgren Show on ArtistFirst Radio Network - An Author Interview Site Hosted by Doug Dahlgren Monday Nights at 7PM

Link here to visit The Doug Dahlgren Show on ArtistFirst Radio Network. New interviews on Monday night at 7PM and past shows can be heard from the archived files. All via your computer! E-mail Doug with questions or requests if you would like to be considered as a guest on a future program. Visit The Doug Dahlgren Show Facebook page to keep up with the latest news.

About The Doug Dahlgren Show:

This program will feature authors, musicians and other interesting people with a story to tell. Some will be those you know, but many others will be people you have not yet heard of, but will be gratified when you do. The host of this program is Georgia author Doug Dahlgren, writer of The SON Series novels, an action thriller series that is rapidly gaining readers across the country. While they are fiction, Doug describes his books as “plausible fiction,” with storylines taken from today’s news.  Always interested in new authors, contact Doug if you'd like to be considered for the show. More information on this below.

About Doug Dahlgren:

Author Doug Dahlgren at a recent lecture.
Doug and his lovely wife Donna.

Doug was one of my first guest authors on Book Talk on May 28, 2012, with his novel, The Son, Silas Rising, the first book in  The SON Series novels. You can link to that post by clicking here . Since then he has written five sequels: The Only Constant, The Basics of Fundamentals, The Four Samaritans, Eight of Six, and the just released conclusion to the series The Daedalus Directive. These political thrillers will keep you wanting more. Visit Doug Dahlgren's Author Page on Amazon to see the books and learn more about this author and how he is paving the way to introduce  other authors (new and established) to a world wide community with his interviews. Read his five star reviews to see how much the public enjoys his books.

I was thrilled to be part of his program with my own podcast on Monday, May 12th. Doug does his homework and knew more about my writing then I remembered! He is easy to talk to and keeps the interviews moving forward. The station dialed me in on my cell phone, connected me to Doug and the station, and we chatted for an hour. I was in the comfort of my home, my dogs surrounding me, and all my fears of being 'live' went away with this gracious host. You can listen to my interview at any time by linking here.

How To Be Featured On The Doug Dahlgren Show If You Are An Author:

Contact Doug at and start the conversation. He will explain the rest. You will need to send a copy of your book and a small fee to cover the station's expense for the board operator's time (the tech that hooks up the podcast and spends an hour with the show) and the equipment use. You can download your program FREE, as often as you wish, and send it via email or post in your website and social media. Its a fun experience, a great tool to help spread the word about your writing. Link to the site and listen to other authors to get a feel for the interview process!

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