Monday, September 8, 2014

Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake: An Anthology. Spooky, Strange, and Haunting Tales In A Fictional Georgia Mountain Town

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 The Perfect Halloween Read!
An anthology of spooky, strange and haunting tales set in a fictional Georgia mountain town featuring the appearance of a ghost ship on Spirit Lake.

Gilded Dragonfly Books challenged nine great authors to write Halloween stories with a fictional setting for this anthology. The authors brain-stormed and came up with Spirit Lake in North Georgia, a quiet, quaint little town that hunkers on the shore of a lake with the same name. The unspoiled lake offers water sports and other entertainment, but hasn’t become commercialized to the point of being overcrowded or gaudy. Nice friendly people share Southern hospitality and friendship. Only this Halloween, the town’s favorite holiday, things happen to test the mettle of Spirit Lake’s residents. 

No two witnesses will give the same details of any incident, and none of our nine authors tell the tale the same way. In this anthology the authors share their versions of what happened, so sit back and enjoy each tale, and decide which one you would rather be caught up in this Halloween. 

Editors Mary Marvella, Melba Moon, and Jackie Rod hope you enjoy these stories.

Melba Moon, Mary Marvella, Jackie Rod, Jodi Vaughn, Georgiana Fields, Carol Ansardi, Nan Monroe, Yasmin Bakhtiari, and John Robinson. 

Authors and name of their story below. A few photos borrowed from Facebook.

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Mary Marvella, Editor for Gilded Dragonfly Books 
Author of Vivian's Secret Desire
Jackie Rod, Author of True Self
 Jodi Vaughn, Author of Stolen Voices
Carol Ansardi, Author End Of The World Bar
Melba Moon, Author The Third Princess Of The Inola
Georgiana Field, Author A Captain's Tale
Nan Monroe, Author Sybilla Disante And The Sepia World
Yasmin Bakhtiari, Author Mo Cuishle, Chuisle Mo Chroi, Pulse of My Heart
John Robinson, Author Best-Laid Plans
The perfect spooky gift for your friends for Halloween and a good read before you pull the covers over your head at night in bed! As always, please leave a review on Amazon if you loved this book!


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