Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Doug Dahlgren Show Celebrates First Anniversary on ArtistFirst Radio Network. Would You Like To Be Interviewed?

Have an interesting story to share?

This month, Georgia author, Doug Dahlgren, began his second year of hosting interviews on the ArtistFirst World Radio Network.  This weekly, hour long, forum introduces the audience to writers, musicians, and other interesting people with a story to tell.  The Doug Dahlgren Show airs live on Monday evenings at 7 pm eastern time and is available free and on demand, in podcast form through the show’s webpage.

The show and artist podcasts are more than "just an interview."  It's a well
thought out and produced promotional tool to help you market your book and a great addition to your media kit or website.  Doug does his research and sets the tone for a comfortable and informative chat!
Contact Doug for details.

Upcoming guest this Monday, March 30th, Doug Peters, attorney, singer, and songwriter.

Past interviews have included:

 March 23, Alfred Goldsmith and Andy Liechty
Veteran "Open Mic" Artists  Atlanta's Music Scene
March 9, Amanda A. Brooks  Author of The Thunder Mountain Brides Series
and Host of The Amanda A. Brooks Show

Earlier Shows

August 11, 2014, Gregg Loomis, Former Race Car Driver and 
Author, The Cathar Secret

June 30, 2014, Wilbur McCauley
Vice President/Director Animal Care Tigers for Tomorrow

For a complete list, click here and scroll down the page to see all the interviews and listen for free!

About Doug Dahlgren


Doug is the author of seven novels, including the six book set, The Son Series. The Son Series is set slightly in the future, but close enough to be uncomfortable, the stories expose a level of evil that goes untouched by the law. High ranking political figures, who use their positions to protect them, while committing unspeakable crimes. The willingness to take a stand for what is right, against any odds. Those ideals are the inspiration for the main character , the mysterious and secretive assassin known to the world only as "The Son". 

Visit Doug's Amazon Author Page for more information on Doug and his books. Coming soon, The Eagle.

Doug is no stranger to Book Talk. Check out past interviews with him, including the launch of The Doug Dahlgren Show, a charming children's Halloween storyand his author interview.


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