Monday, May 21, 2012

Anne B. Jones "Tides Of Fear" and more

Anne B. Jones, author of Tides of Fear; Gold Thunder; All Around the Track; Brave at Heart; A Light on Peachtree; Tools for Successful Writing . Visit author's website.

   This site is mostly for self-published authors, but with Barbara's gracious invitation, I will talk about my experience with traditional publishers and readers. I found what they are looking for is excellence in craftsmanship.
    I have obtained an agent and published seven books with four traditional publishers in less than ten years. I will use Tides of Fear, my serial killer thriller, as an example as to how I accomplished this.
   When I started writing Tides of Fear, I made a commitment to excellence. This meant I had to be willing to devote time and energy to learning to 1) hook readers with every page;  2) develop characters readers root for; 3) build a plot that holds readers’ interest; 4) research information to impart to readers (sonar in underwater recovery, police procedure, the pathology of serial killers, and violence); 5) use word choice and pacing to enhance the reader’s  experience; 6) build a setting to reflect and intensify the story in which readers can “see” themselves; 7) use sensory details with which readers can identify; 8) create reader anticipation (suspense); 9) write reader-believable action scenes. 10) objectively submit my work to a respected published writer for a “reader” critique. The most important idea to keep in mind is, as authors, our work is primarily to entertain and/or inform the reader, while striving for excellence.
   You can accomplish everything I have done. Here are steps I took and you can take too:
1.      Attend writing conferences.
2.      Join writing groups.
3.      Find an accomplished mentor and a nurturing, competent and honest critique group.
4.      Read quality books on writing (ex. Keys to Great Writing)
5.      Write articles (even if at first you don’t get paid) for local papers, shopper papers, etc to help build credentials.
6.      Research and read your genre.
7.      Subscribe to Poets and Writers and/or Writers’ Digest.
8.      Keep up with publishing and marketing technology and trends.
9.      Develop a platform (Your platform includes why your book is important, to whom it will sell, your credentials, and your marketing plan).
10.  Learn how to write a pitch, query letter and synopsis.
   You are welcome to email me at I am not able to read and edit others’ work at this time, but can answer questions.

   What they are saying on Amazon about "Tides Of Fear":

   Which is the most dangerous predator? A shark? Or a man? St. Simons Island becomes a scene of panic as bodies are washed ashore. First blaming the deaths on sharks, police soon realize the predator is human. A killer stalks the tourists, luring and drowning his victims as easily as he eludes discovery. Tides of Fear, set on the shark-infested Georgia Coast, includes the hunt for a serial murderer, with water as the crime scene. ... As author of Tides of Fear, Anne B. Jones has been compared to Thomas Harris and Jeffrey Deaver, 'without the slice and dice.' The book includes a gripping plot, well-developed characters, and insights into profiling and other forensic subjects. Tides of Fear is unusual because of its use of water as a crime scene with underwater crime scene analysis. The book is based on the author s doctoral research related to violence. Author Bob Mayer, calls it Jaws, with a serial killer .
Find Anne B. Jones on Amazon and Tiger Iron Press.
   Click on the YouTube book trailer! Don't watch it alone.

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