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Renea Winchester "In the Garden with Billy:Lessons about Life,Love & Tomatoes"

After Little Creek Books released my debut book titled In the Garden with Billy: Lessons about Life, Love & Tomatoes (2010), my life became a whirlwind of activity. After months of planning a book launch, I bowed my head in grateful prayer when the event sold out. Then, bookstores shelved copies of Garden with Billy and I began my book tour.

All without an agent, or a publicist…just a story, a book, and me.
While on tour, I met an author who had self-published a beautiful book. However, I quickly recognized her mistakes. For starters, she invested $20,000. Passionate about her work, yet desperate to sell stock that had accumulated in her basement, she asked for advice. Realizing that emerging authors desperately need help, I wrote, Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author.

I’ll admit, my husband did not want me to write this book, nor did many fellow authors. A workshop, they suggested, was best. My husband said, “Self-published authors will not listen to you (or anyone else) that is why they self-publish.”
Both were correct. During my workshops, I have met a few obstinate authors. Fortunately, I have met many more who are hug-my-neck grateful that I shared what I know. It is easy to identify emerging authors who need help. They say they have looked up Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author on Amazon and want to know why my sales aren’t ranked higher.
At this, I smile. These authors desperately need guidance. They need to understand (because they will soon learn the hard way) that Amazon is not the only place readers purchase books. (Remember my sell-out book launch?) They want to enjoy the success I did with Billy and Advice, but first, they must understand the business.
Three Mistakes Self Published Authors Make
·        Being misinformed about the process
·        Acquiring a “proofreader” instead of an editor
·        Believing someone else will market their book
Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author is my gift to emerging authors. My hope: that no author will ever have a thousand unsold books in their basement.

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Renea Winchester talks about Billy (from the award winning author's website)

Q: Some people might look at the title In The Garden With Billy: Lessons About Life, Love and Tomatoes and think this is a book about gardening, but it isn't, is it ?

A: We've all heard the phrase, "you can't judge a book by the cover," the same can be said about titles. While the book does contain many stories about the time I spent "in the garden," ultimately the book is about relationships and overcoming obstacles. In The Garden With Billy is about a mismatched pair and the intricate myriad of experiences we've shared. When I met him I had no idea that his wife had recently passed away. He didn't know my mother was ill, but together we helped each other and harvested delicious vegetables along the way. Billy also introduced me to new friends.  People matter. Stories matter. Everyone matters.

QWhat made you return to the farm just hours after meeting Billy?

A: That's an excellent question and one I have trouble answering. Initially, my daughter was the reason I returned, but when I met him there was a inexplicable magic that made me want to become part of something bigger than myself. I believe I'm my best when helping others. When I tell people about my friendship with Billy, they nod politely and ask, "What's so exciting about working in the hot sun without pay?" If possible, I take them to the Billy's. Without fail, everyone I've introduced to him says the same thing, "I love him!"

Q: What was the most important lesson Billy taught you?

A: Oh, that's easy. That everyone matters.

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