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Mary Gilmartin "Adventures With Easton, The Magical Journey"

Meet The Author
Decatur Book Signing
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SATURDAY – JULY 14, 2012- 1:00 PM

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Author Mary Gilmartin talks about her debut children's book and her writing experiences today!
About my first book:
The main character, Easton, is what I love most about my book.  I enjoyed writing this book because it took me back to my own childhood.  I had my own adversities to overcome, just like he did in this story.  The beauty of traveling into a magical world created through the eyes of a nine year old when he falls asleep at night is one of the reasons why dreaming is exciting.  However in my story, Easton soon discovers that happiness is actually all around him and that’s when the real magical adventure begins. This is a book for all ages, especially the 9-12 year old.
Book review:

The author's first review was published in the Stone Mountain-Redan Patch, June 9, 2012. Read the full review online. An excerpt below.

Bradley Evans:  In Adventures with Easton, local author Mary Gilmartin takes the adult reader to a place that can only be remembered from dreams or memories. For young readers, it is a place of exciting mysteries, adventure and enjoyment.

About the author:
I live in Atlanta, Georgia near Stone Mountain even though I was born on a hundred acre farm in eastern Tennessee by a midwife. I spent my childhood growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina before moving to the city.  During those years I was a tomboy who claims to have climbed the tallest tree and shot the straightest arrow.  Those formative years as a child competing against four brothers are great memories. I still have a scar on my left elbow when I fell off my oldest brother’s bicycle when I attempted to ride it backwards.

My life has been one non-stop spiraling journey that continues to excite me. Three years ago was a turning point in my life when I took a creative writing class at Emory University in Atlanta.  Then, suddenly, three months later I found myself unemployed due to the economy. I was no longer part of the corporate world.  That’s when I set up my own office in my home and seriously started writing.  Last year I finished writing a fictional story about a nine year old boy  overcoming his adversities.  My first book “Adventures with Easton, The Magical Journey” debuted this year on June 2, 2012. 

My writing technique: 
Most of my ideas for writing come from that exciting database stored inside my head. I sometimes wonder where my vivid imagination comes from, but actually I know.  I am an extremely visual person and can honestly say that I have never had writer’s block. I am inspired by life and everything around me. The stories I write sometimes want to write themselves. The words seem to flow onto the screen when I sit down in front of my computer and start writing. Typing is my preferred method for writing.  Sometimes I will write a story idea that comes to mind on a piece of scratch paper.  This usually gets transcribed, printed and filed to develop later. 

My advice for other writers:

My advice for those who love to write is to "finish" that one story you are passionate about first! That's exactly what I did last year when I selected a storyline about a nine year old I had started but pushed aside to start writing stories. Today, I am happy to say that it is finished and now a published book.

Visit Mary Gilmartin's website to learn more about the author.

Mary Gilmartin

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