Sunday, July 22, 2012

Women On Writing Blog "The Emotion Thesaurus" Giveaway

The perfect reference book for the right emotion. Seventy-Five emotions to choose from! 

This morning the latest e-mail newletter from the gals at The Muffin greated me, along with a review of the book above. I always  run into a glitch trying to find the proper words to give emotion to my characters. Since I write personal memoirs, perhaps this book will put some zip in my own personality as I sit and write. Maybe it will carry over into my social life... just saying. I was so excited, I didn't wait to enter the giveaway, but hopped over to Amazon and purchased a copy. Check out the book for yourself, enter the giveaway, and sign up for their free newsletter!

One of my favorite sites for authors is WOW! Women On Writing. I signed up for a virtual blog book tour with them when The Unfaithful Widow launched in April 2010. They were a huge help in marketing my book. Check out my kick off interview and see what the site has to offer! Follow The Muffin online or sign up for their free e-mail newsletter!


  1. Thank you, Barbara! I love The Unfaithful Widow, and I'm excited to hear you're working on another memoir. :) The Emotion Thesaurus is a huge helper!

  2. Barbara,
    I'm so glad to hear that I helped you connect with a useful resource. It has already been a big help to me. I hope you find it every bit as useful.