Friday, July 27, 2012

Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog: Morgen With An 'E'

Meet Morgen With An "E" 

Morgen hails from Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, and her take on promoting authors is colossal.  Her own novels will be out in the next weeks and we will revisit with Morgen again to talk about her books. Today, her blog, "Morgen with An E" will make your head spin! If you are an author, take note. How to contact Morgen! On Facebook, Like her Facebook Author page, LinkedIn,  Twitter @morgenwriteruk, or send an e-mail.

Morgen’s writing blog is a wealth of writing-related goodies that include author interviews, author spotlights, guest blogs, flash fiction, podcasts, poetry, information, and more. And it is not about Morgen - it is about other authors! It could be about you.

I met Morgen on Facebook a few months ago and started stalking her blog! There is not enough time to read all she posts. I don't know how she does it. I do know I immediately contacted her and she has scheduled an author spotlight for me this weekend and a book interview after the first of the year.

Here are a few of the things Morgen does to promote others:

Author Spotlights - now booking into November 2012

Author Interviews - now booking into April 2013

Other People's Books - free 15 word book listing

Flash Fiction Friday - scheduled when content is received

Competitions - calendar of writing competitions

Exercises - to get your writing. Also available in Morgen's e-book.


The 365-Day Writer's Block Workbook (Volume l) available on Kindle and Smashwords. A list of other sales sites are on Morgen't blog. Visit Morgen's author page on Amazon and for a list of her other books.

Morgen offers Writer For Hires Services which includes blog creation and guest blogging.

Just who is Morgen Bailey?  

From Amazon:

Morgen Bailey is a writing-related blogger who interviews authors, agents, editors and publishers. Other content includes spotlights, guest posts, flash fiction, poetry and short story reviews.

She hosts the Bailey's Writing Tips audio podcast, two in-person writing groups (based in Northamptonshire, England), is the author of numerous short stories, novels, articles, has dabbled with poetry but admits that she doesn't "get it", and is a regular Radio Litopia contributor.

Morgen also belongs to two other local writing groups (one of which runs the annual HE Bates Short Story Competition), is a British Red Cross volunteer, a regular cinema visitor and walks her dog (often while reading, writing or editing), reads (though not as often as she'd like), and in between she writes.

Morgen is a gal you want to know. Amazing doesn't cover it! I'm glad we met up on Facebook! Look for Morgen's new books here soon.