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Peggy Mullins "Everybody Loves Ika: One Woman's Memoir Of Her Dog, An American Pit Bull Terrier"


"Everybody Loves Ika" available on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble. Like Ika's Facebook page! Order an autographed copy from the author's website.

A Note From Barbara, Book Talk Host:

     I hesitated to post a book today, July 4th, because so many are out enjoying the day. Then I decided what better book to showcase than a memoir about an all American dog!  "Everybody Loves Ika" is not only a love story to this beloved pet, but an introduction into the cruel and unspeakable world of dog fighting. It is the author's memoir of healing.

     I don't usually  do reviews on this site, but I loved this book, and memoirs are my favorites. Then you toss in a dog and I'm hooked!

     The first chapter was difficult, for if you don't know the world of dog fighting, it is shocking.  We hear about it, but most of us don't have a clue how hellish it is.

     Peggy Mullins has written a memoir, not only about her life, her beloved dog, but the world of horses. She is an expert horsewoman, dog owner, and an amazing writer.

The Book:

   Abandoned carelessly by her birth mother, Peggy Mullins grew up in a hellish adoptive home with distant, abusive parents who found every opportunity to damp out the tiny glimmers of happiness she managed to cling to in such a cold environment. After surviving two disastrous marriages, struggling to finally earn her degree in psychology, and starting her own marketing business, Peggy found herself emotionally devastated.

     Ika, a beautiful Pit Bull Terrier pup, was spared at the last moment from being born into a similarly hellish life—one where dogs were viciously abused for pleasure, sport, and profit. Though his mother and many of his siblings didn’t make it out of their gruesome home alive, Ika survived thanks to the skilled and compassionate work of a quick-thinking vet and a few big-hearted volunteers.

     In time, Ika found his way to Peggy, who would give him a loving, permanent home in which he would thrive. In return, Ika would teach Peggy the kindness, patience, and unconditional love that had long been absent from her life. In addition to Ika, she acquires several horses, all with their own unique and entertaining personalities that she details warmly in these pages.

     Along with the surprising affection of a special man and a spectacular family of animals, Peggy’s book poignantly guides readers through her difficult journey toward healing and peace.

From The Author, Why I wrote the book:

      There are few things I detest in life. Of the few, the two at the top of my list are animal abuse and prejudice. Any kind of prejudice.

       I wrote “Everybody Loves Ika” because I detest dog fighting and because I know the bad reputation Pit Bull Terriers have in the public eye due to the media coverage they receive. I want to educate people about the horrors that go on in the pit when dogs are forced to fight. My book depicts just how cruel and inhumane it is. It shows the reader the treatment these dogs get before and after a fight. If they live.

       I would like to change people’s minds about this breed also. Pit Bulls are really gentle, loving, and devoted dogs if raised in a nice environment.

       My book addresses these issues, and many more, through the true story of Ika’s life.  The book has something for everyone whether you are a dog lover or not. It is my hope that the words I have written on its pages cause people to take a renewed look at animal cruelty and the breed called the Pit Bull Terrier.  -- Peggy Mullins

About the Author:

Peggy Mullins, B.A. Psychology, George Mason University, lives in Virginia with her husband and has a deep love for horses and dogs. She works as a freelance writer, and "Everybody Loves Ika" is her first book.

Visit the author's website. Keep up with Ika's adventures on his blog. You can contact Peggy Mullins by e-mail.


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