Friday, June 22, 2012

Lynn Steigleder "Rising Tide"

"Rising Tide" is a finalist in the 2112 Indie Excellence National Book Awards Contest.

"Fantastic! Join Ben in his exciting journey discovering that without evil good cannot exist. You won't be disappointed."
- Ronnie Hale

A category six hurricane above and the habitat below that he just left destroyed by the blast, Ben finds himself all alone in a decompression chamber wondering, “What’s next?” He receives a mysterious message in Morse code, “Seek C 7.”  Is he dreaming or is someone or something trying to reach him? 

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Rising Tide is an action packed, spellbinding novel filled with twist and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Each character is created with depth that will make you emotionally captivated by their exploits and personality. It's going to make you feel as if you are there intertwined with the characters throughout their journey.  It contains a little bit of everything, from mystery romance, to fantasy and science fiction. It is definitely a must read for any serious book reader.  Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online book sellers.

Lynn's Story:

Just a few months prior, I had received the heartbreaking news that my leg weakness was not sciatica but was instead multiple sclerosis, a nerve degenerating condition that could lead to immobility.  I had seen several doctors and therapist over the years prior to this news.  Needless to say, hearing the news was a shock.  Then shock number two came. 

I had worked for a pharmaceutical company for over fifteen years.  I was the supervisor of the warehouse and fabrication shop directing a team of talented men in drafting and constructing pharmaceutical displays.  I had survived several reductions in staff and was hopeful to retire from this company.  Therefore, the news that they had decided to outsource our department was a bitter disappointment. 

My options seemed limited. My physical abilities were already compromised in that my stamina and mobility were impaired.  With an uncertain future, my son, Eric, and I went on our annual fishing trip to Cape Hatteras.  It was during this trip that Eric suggested that I should try writing.  I was known for being creative and loved making up crazy tales.  I had written a few short stories but had never seriously thought about writing. 

I toyed with the idea of accepting the challenge. Initially, I wrote a few short stories. While I liked short stories, the idea began to take shape for a book. Over the next four month, the story flowed with ideas coming freely as the story line grew. I enjoyed the development of my characters and the challenge of bringing them together to a surprising ending. Rising Tide, my first novel, is a book of fantasy and adventure, released for retail sale late April 2009. I'm now working on my fourht book in the Rising Tide series and a personal biography related to living with MS.

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What they are saying about Rising Tide!

This book is a nice mix of reality and fiction and very interestingly depicts that good can not exist without evil. I was addicted to reading this book and stayed up late every night for a week to find out what happened next. The plot twists kept me pleasantly surprised.

Loved the book! Held my attention from start to finish! Lynn Steigleder does a great job at character building and story telling! Many unique turns and events!


  1. OMG, I looooooove that dog! That photo is too-ooo precious, glasses and all.

    Excellent blog too. It sure creates interest in your book. Will check it out.

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    Betty Dravis

  2. OMG, I love that dog, glasses and all. He's too-ooo precious.

    Great blog, also. It certainly piques my interest in your book. Fascinating; sounds like a thriller!

    Hugs and all best,

    Bettty Dravis